Julie with Judy: what is your message?

In three days of the Bootcamp of champs organised by Darren Lacroix together with Judy Carter, learned so much!

From our two workshop leaders and the 22 pals who took it. Trying as much as possible to follow instructions, have fun and learn.

The first day, dedicated all to uncovering from our 'mess' in our life our messages was the most intense and more useful at the same time more difficult for each of us.

Judy Carter, who wrote the first ever book on Standup Comedy many years ago, and a new one with a whole workshop in it (still to read), wrote a new book The Message of You. She told us at the end, she learned also from us, how much we opened, and realised she never opened so much. Listening to our 'mess' and the message coming out from them, she decided to open more in future, as she felt more then ever connected to all of us.

Yes! I always told my storytelling workshop attendees, more you open more people connect to you. The vulnerabilities of others connect us to them. Make them love more not less.

The lessons we can teach others, tells so well Judy, is how did we survived our 'messes', what lesson we learned from it.

Many books about telling a true story speaks about that but we all understood it better and better in this two days. And also how important what we can transmit, through a speech, a story, stories, can become to someone others life.

Yes, I knew it already, but it became clearer.

Also how we can 'package' the stories into a whole longer keynote speech.

It was very worth while to come in Las Vegas, all the way from London, UK, for the Message and then Humour Bootcamp.

Not many want to become Standup Comedians, even if I learned, will still learn a lot from it. But we all want to be able to add humour to our speeches. stories.

A point. a story.
A point. A story.
A point. A story.

The structure recommended. For each point, one or three stories. Or a point and a long story illustratin it.

Judy recommends, to open telling about the intended audience's problem, then your message how to solve stated with a few of your credentials why are you qualified to find solutions, and finishing with action steps all can take right away to begin solving it.

Of course, through all, lots of stories from your life... More the time passes more I feel the importance of telling it with a story, or a few stories.

Still, uncovering your 'most important message' is not easy. And in fact, we all have more then one. Probably the secret is to uncover, which of our messages, experiences, stories, is the most important this time for this audience.

That is why I crafted 'the mistaken identity' that Joanna renamed 'all is possible' and perhaps I would 'there is more in us', at the middle of the economic chris is when so many lost their jobs. It is the story about me looking for work, discovering new qualities and talents I did not know I had, but perhaps, even more important, discovering the talents and skills learned at one 'job' can be used in very different one.

So much to absorb now from these three rich days!

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