Save the cat!

From one blog to another, and then navigating the web. I found this book that is supposed to be for those writing scenarios for Hollywood.

I downloaded first the kindle sample for free, the book Save the cat! By Blake Snyder (recommended to us in Darren Lacroix blog), and a few hours later, as it already gave me a great idea, bought it. Will read it in slow sips.

The title suggest to show from the beginning who do the hero saved, what good deed he done, so we can like him instantly.

As I wanted to write a memory from my stories, I did not feel I did help many in my early childhood. But suddenly, it came to me I am not the hero: let me put my father the hero!

All changed instantly. He was of course a hero with flaws, so what? He did save more then only a cat!

Now, I can begin to relate in a prolog, how he said 'I will take him!' When at work, where there was in fact mostly a saving Jews place, they were asked: "who wants a young escaped French prisoner ? They arrived on the Danube three in a small boat from a German prisoner camp" At the time, we were hiding too and with false papers, but he continued "Katinka, my wife speaks French, we can take one."

Then begin his story, with the Red Coat, I already told, one of the worst winters he ever had while in the school. And the lesson he learned from it, and, even if I did not understood long time, transmitted to me.

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