Audience, it is wonderful!

I fall in love with the audience and its reaction, with my first story, called the Icebreaker, at my first speech told in a Toastmaster club, 5 years ago almost, just a few month after I arrived to live in London.

A year later, fall 2010, I obtained the title Competent Comminucator, and created this blog.

At about same time, told my first true tale before 60 paying audience with Spark London: Now or Never - I would name it rather Never too late, relating my departure from Paris and arrival to London to begin a yet another new life.

Continued to give speeches in my toastmasters clubs, I slowly got for ten more Advanced Communicator Bronze, then Silver, then Gold. And some special Educational speeches, each time learning, trying out some new skills.

3rd year, after I joined, I spoke before 400 in the Manchester townhall, and this year, gave my first keynote at Creative Ageing day in Ayr, Scotland.

4th year, I put my teeth into something I knew nothing before and I have now more then 60 gigging as Standup comedian behind me. And a Best silver newcomer 2012 award.

In the last two years, created Storytelling workshops, as I believe true stories are so important to communicate!

I just got now the DTM, Distinguished Toastmaster reward, equivalent to a PhD, in the Toastmasters International organisation.

What now?

Well, as you get PhD, as I learned in 1977 when you got it, you realise how much more it is: you are just the newest between the scientists, I am now the newest between speakers. So much more to learn and to achieve!

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