Back to comedy, tonight: solid 10' laughter!

Back to comedy! Ten minutes of fun, make laugh again for me. Success! Lot, long, high laughs!
Between two serious important Toastmaster events, tonight gigging again, Arch1 near Star Lane Station. On the program was:
Kevin Connerley 'whimsical, surreal, musical, angry'
Sheraz Yousaf 'brilliant...the crowd loved him' Selfless, UK

Julie Kertesz Winner, Silver Comedy Newcomer Award, 2012
Juliet Meyers 'laugh out loud funny..wonderfully bizarre ideas', Chortle

It was a great night for me

First, no one came. 

We waited to see if the show will be cancelled and used it to chat. 

Almost an hour late, suddenly the audience arrived. Warmed up slowly. As they arrived to my set: it went most wonderful! Almost no stop laughter and strong and long! Plus Kevin has such a wonderful strong laugh! And also at least three special applause in the middle for some lines they specially enjoyed.

At the end a couple asked: really, you gig only for one or two years? Amazing: you are sooo good!

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