Julie, entertains, teaches and inspires

I begun to be more confident now.

Yesterday, the third time 20'

Professional speaker manual: 20 minutes entertain. Of course, adding some information and a dose of inspiring. In Greenwich centre.

I had them with me every second.

So, this morning I am convinced I can.

Next: try 30. I could have gone so far, but for the Meridian club already 20 seemed a lot when they put me on the agenda.

The audience would have listened with pleasure for 30! I am going in the right direction. I did entertain. And given advices on how they can do. Even inspire, that they can.

Very good feedback, lots of laugher all along. Not only I fulfilled my project to entertain but also passed along a message.

Gave them confidence, and gained in myself, too. "Well done Julie!" - Now, just strengthen your conclusion, ending. 3 weeks, three successful stage appearance. One a comedy gig, one a keynote, one an entertaining.

Next week a true story a Upstairs at Ritzy, Brixton. Monday: a disastrous Holliday. A true story. A wonderful place where my soul break. My marriage finished. I was 41. It was the year after, I come to tour UK with my daughter, which I told about this Monday. This time, I decided, well together with my daughter then 12, where to go and when. No one decided for me my Holliday ! One day, I will tell the two vacations together, I think a message comes out from them.

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