Giving courage to look ahead

Soon they will be ten years since I write, morning after morning, a note in my French blog "there is life after seventy".

Seven read it first, then fifty, then one hundred and ten, these days according to statistics about two hundred reads what I write day after day. But numbers mean nothing. What is important is to try to give a little courage to one or two who reads the blog notes. If this succeeds, not only would I have proven to myself: There is life after 70 years, but I have the feeling that something was accomplished with it.

Yesterday I received a comment. Blog comments are always valuable gift for me. This time even more. Here it is.

"I'm 70 years old on August 12. I can say without hesitation that I have learned a lot about the subject. You inspired me a new way of thinking, to look ahead even though we sometimes returns and so much more ...

I'll write a note and I would like to quote this little phrase that scares away my negative thoughts. "There is life after 70 years" and of course put a link to your blog. Answer please YES or NO. 

Sweet kisses and tender hugs,
Grimimi Sue "

Do not forget to wish Sue all the happiness August 12! You can find her blog and email at the right of my blog, between those I follow. But also, in my commentary note yesterday about Dauville.

I remained very humble and happy at the same time, to have been able to inspire 'look ahead with more courage'! What an encouragement for me to continue.

Yesterday, for the first time in my clubs, I spoke for twenty minutes, and I managed to make all laugh many times. Have fun at the same time inspire them that is never too late to start looking through the eyes of comedians. A gentleman who came out at the same time as me from the club and waited at the same bus station, he told me: 'you have so much energy'.

He did not know all the hours of discouragement, doubt me, fatigue, between meetings and writings and speeches. The energy comes and goes, then accumulates more times. Receive such a commentary, such lines as those of Sue filled the fountain again!

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