Stand-up comedy in Paris

"Julie Seventy" as I call now myself on stage, tonight in Paris. And New York at the same time, as they organise it, and a New Yorker will comère it too.

Well, that distracts me from the article about the Grammy comedian that appeared yesterday in the Real People. They put in my mouse their idea of what I should have and attributed to me feelings she, the journalist thinks I should have felt. So what?

One more paper,comes and goes. Soon to be forgotten.

I really have begun at 77, and I really have 5 grand children. I really have also 30 standups behind me.

She even made up a joke for me, using, well, what I said to her, but in her way, her words, and attributing to me a phrase I would never say. I have my standards... Even in comedy.

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