May Fair, with Best speakers from different Associations

At the College of Public speaking, Dartmouth House Speak Easy 37 Charles Rd Green Park
What a lineup!!! I am going! - I went. What a wonderful evening and Master Speakers!
And at least 5 of them where Toastmasters, some of our best's. And in  their best to show, too.

Introduction - Vince Stevenson

Part 1 – Chaired by Gwyn Redgers
Paul before meeting
Paul Carroll with Water only, before his speech
Paul Carroll - metaphor/rhetoric (9 mins)
Anthony Gell - A short speech on ... (5 mins)
Michael Ronayne -  'Salt and the Senses' (5 mins)
Phillip Khan-Panni -  'Do you buy green bananas?' (5 mins)
Laura McCracken - 'The art of connection' (9 mins)


Part 2 – Chaired by Richard Johnson
Robert Noble - A visual 'The high life of Hong Kong' (9 mins)
Central London Debating Society v ESU team (30 mins)
Chairman - Tony Koutsoumbos
The motion - 'This House would make all primary schools gender neutral'
Jason Vit and Steven Nolan will propose for the English-Speaking Union
Apeike Umolu and Jason Maude will oppose the motion for CLDS.
Fergus McClelland - 'The power of why?' (9 mins) Wonderful! Unforgottable "Why" with personal storytelling.


David Jones TT Division B Contest winner's smile
David T. Jones (also my Humour coach last fall)
Part 3 – Chaired by Michael Ronayne
Freddie Daniells - Evaluation (9 mins) - A master about Feedback's importance and how to
Elliot Kay - 'Where's my ladle?' (5 mins)
Mike Robinson - A short speech on 'Maxim Number 3' (5 mins)
David Jones - Humour? (9 mins)
He demonstrated how a very funny speech can be so Inspiring, Informing and Yes, "rule of three"!

Thanks from ESU Director General, Peter Kyle.

Many of their speech inspired me and was a good Masterclass too, on how one should.

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