Spark London storytelling events

Just published on their Facebook page : As we approach our 100th podcast, these are the most popular stories to date:Listen to them from the link at Spark London.

1. Two Cathedrals - Dave Pickering
2. MySpace or His? - Andrea Hubert
3. Home - Joanna Yates
4. Underwater Bondage - Alix Fox
5. Damning Evidence - Radcliffe Royds
6. Escorts - Andy Bodle
7. Mighty Morphin Party Animal - Chris Lochers
8. Now or Never - Julie Kertesz
9. Sailing Around The World - Justin Comer
10, Twelve Acres - Rajesh Thind Interesting!

NOW OR NEVER  was the first story I told at Canal Cafe Theatre, for Spark events!
The story of my decision to change city and even country, again, after age of 73. 

Still going strong and people listening to it! It is also in this blog... from "box", from where is have been of course listened, in plus.

One can listen to them  in ITunes for free. Link here. We have been around 400 to tell stories, and some of us have told many times different stories, one hundred of them recorded and on I Tunes already. The others can also be found on the "M cloud", there are so many ways to diffuse now what we do!

Held at the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice on the first Monday of each month, Spark London has attracted a cult following largely through word of mouth. The 100 on I tunes, added there, captures some of the stories from the going shows. 

Audio production by Sony Radio Academy Award nominees rethinkdaily.co.uk.

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