Being present on Web, make your own Marketing

Julie Kertesz at Lion's Den
With the web, you are able to make your own marketing!
Spread the word that you are there,
Tell them you are good
Speak about your accomplishments

Not only a "web page static" abut easy to use and free:
  • Blogs, and those who read us
  • Twitter, and your followers
  • Facebook, and its groups
  • Linkedin
  • Flickr groups and page
And also those the places we put videos or sound track :
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion (I use and have divers videos on all of them)
  • Box.com, for the sound tracks of stories, speeches or comedy sets, etc.
They are also more and more interconnected, you can even send information from one to the other..

Of course, nothing in life is "free" : you have to give it time, energy, even passion.

Find the right balance of speaking about you and not sound like boasting, either.
Help and encourage others, make pals, friends, connect.
Then, when you need something, suddenly, somehow someone will come to say "ok"

Let me give you only one exemple:

I was looking for a gig Saturday, plus to tell my set too, so our Wonderful Winning Speaker, a Toastmaster Guest from Montana, Garrett can listen to me gigging. Well, I found first someone inviting me near the East Coast, alas two hours from London. He was so wonderful, found me even someone to take me in his car! Then I found a gig in Camden, a part of London I am happy to get to know to our Montana guest.

So you will find us this Saturday, at Monkey Business, at the The Sir Richard Steele Chalk Farm.
97 Haverstock Hill NW3 Chalk Farm /Belsize Park (show starts at 8 45, door open before 8) and already my picture (well an old one when I was barely 72) on their page, see:
and come! Reserve a ticket, meet great performers, speak with Garret, see me performing and also meet Chris from our club who will be there too.

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