Red tomatoes, interesting?

Sometimes, perhaps even often, interesting is the specific. When we look nearer.

Not huge amount of tomatoes, one near other, but one almost isolated, lost almost between all the others on a self, in a supermarket.

All the rest is only suggested.

I just added this picture, yesterday, to flicker photo site, only 37 have seen it so far, but 5 between them chosen it between their favourites and 7, as I do not count myself in those, commented on it. One of them, wrote : congratulations! You are on today's Explore Interestingness!

Well, I am 67th or 76th, but still there!

Between the millions of photos uploaded, to be there, mentioned, even for a day, and sometimes it does remains for years... It brings also new people, who discovers your photos and, well, you; too.

Anything, we learn in one art or craft, can be applied to another. Specific, looking closer, telling something simple, can work. Of course, sometimes, broader picture works too. Looking, analysing why it affects us, why it seems special or interesting, is useful. can be applied, to telling a story or comedy, too.

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