Personal story, so important!

Wednesday evening 1st and 3rd of each month, is the Lewisham Speakers Club night, held in a room centre town, at the Methodist Church. We gather, 20 or more, yesterday we were almost 30, and listen then give feedback to 7 minute speeches. Then end with spontaneous speeches, called Table Topics, and yet other feedbacks.

Thus, we help each other to get courage, improve, and even listen better.

Yesterday evening, not only our members where present, but also two guests who decided to join. Plus we had two guest speakers, one from a neighbour Toastmasters club and one from far away, Montana, USA

Garret Gerrels, only 25 years old. He was calm at the beginning, but as his speech, the 5th, approached, I have seen him tense. Yes, even the champions got stress.

When his turn came, he begun with natural charm and drow us into his story.

It was a persuasive, inspiring, personal story told with an apparent simplicity, in real with great craft. A seemingly short and simple event, 5 to 7 minutes, only, but it can chafe your world. I will not reveal here now his story, as he will deliver it in Orlando, Florida, in the International speech contest, having won all the other levels with it, so far.

It was, a story, it was personal, it was true, and felt and told from the heart. But also so wonderfully crafted and delivered! A great lesson for all of us and an example we can all follow.

Yes, a story can change you. A story can open doors. Be remembered years and years.

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