Do it

Salle des élections Taking photos, you become "the photographe", and publishing them in a blog, " the journalist" the reporter of the town. "she is reporter!" I heard after my passage in the market. "she already photographed me a few years ago" at the elections place. So, do it. Do not wait till someone else pays you, or recognise you as... Whatever your passion is. Comedian? Storyteller? Writer? Do it and you are it. I have dreamed from my childhood to be a dramaturg. In fact, I am now. I write the set I play out. For storytelling as well for comedy. I will be in Edimburg also this August, for a few days "on the fringe" on the stage but also discovering what and how it is. Yes even after 77, life is not finished. Whatever your age, grab the occasion, learn practice do, what you like. Do not wait for 'official' recognition. That may come or not. Meanwhile, you are. You have take the first steps, and then one by one more, a bit out even of your confront zone. One day, you realise, suddenly, how far you have arrived.

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