Two books, 30 years of distance

Two books at 30 years distance. 

I imagined, wrote, created and then cowrote Postscript at your Service, at age 50, at the burgeoning personal computer age. I even produced and added all the pictures and figures, edited it and found the printer. This one was edited by BIP, the company I have founded and lead for ten years. We used to sell it with a disk, with all the code on it, in the shop but it was also sold in bookshops and the biggest supermarkets where computers and software where sold.

Two books, almost 30 years appart
Postcript, language of Laserwriter, now in is under most programs also, but you do not have to learn it to use it nowadays. At that time, years ago, it gave its power to hands of many, non programmers.

The second book, "70 things to do when you get 70", I got in it an essay "Never too late" and I was already 77 when I wrote its first version. 

Almost 30 years between the two books.

I love to write, I love people reading my books, my blogs, under my photos. I also love speaking and interacting directly with the audience. And yes, leading when needed others, helping.

Yes, I did write some other books between them," The Book of Hypercard" become a computer bestseller in its time and was republished three times, it support me for 18 month. I was also asked for more then a year to write each month about the subject in a Computer magazine because of it. 

Two others I wrote after that, very mild "erotic romances" I did never dare to publish, writing them I learned how far I can stretch myself and dare. Of course, that time, thirty years ago, we never thought how far in a few decades the romances will go expressing...

Writing those two, not only was a great pleasure, as always is when I create a new book or a new story, but it is then that I learned to write dialog, to put myself into different persons skin, to surprise and to tell some of the truth about myself that I would have never told as a "personal tale" under cover of fiction some things I never dreamed or even remembered come out, and perhaps without knowing preparing myself for speaking before an audience and telling tales. 

When I wrote "Postscript a votre Service" I was looked in Paris with warmth as the "old lady of computers" in the young computer business, of course, old, almost 50 already!

At sixty I discovered to be the youngest between those teachers who were pensioned and eager to learn, when I begun to make Creative Writing Workshops, week after week, but also coach older one's "do not be afraid of the mouse" class with a kid painting program.

At seventy, well, I took up street photography, opened my first three blogs (one about "now", one to publish my diaries from ten to "now", and the third a photo a day). And proved myself and others "there is life after seventy" day by day. 

Giving confidence to others, is what motivates me most. Always did. Will in the future too.

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