Contest at Citi Criers, Area 59 Toastmasters

60 photos of speakers, toastmasters in action

60 photos, my hand hurts this morning

But of course, it was worth. 

I could say "it was not me, but my camera. it was not me but them, speaking with such wonderful body language and movement" and even add "it was not me, but..." but it was me, too. 

I was the one who found, finally, the right setting on my tiny Sony, so it could catch the movement in not ideal light, I was the one who snapped at the decisive moments, and of course, it is my hand that hurst this morning. The hand will heal, the memory and the portraits will remain.

It is important to take video when possible, or like here, yesterday, at least images. As I did not use flash, no one told me not to take and the speakers were not distracted either as my camera is tiny. 

Now, with "embed" from flickr, even if I can not send a note directly to the blog, I can embed it here.


  1. You have an informative and blog. thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your posts.

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  3. Thank you, should you not write more often? And perhaps a bit more personal, too.