London, Stoke cornerOK. One can not do what I was used to from flickr to blogger from now on, but I can learn how to go around it.

I hope.

At least I try. And I will persist.

On the main street, small shops, at Stoke Newington, one after the other. Colourful, but nothing special.

I suddenly, see something interesting around the corner.


Suddenly from this angle, all is more intriguing. More colourful, more... just more.

It is always worth going nearer, looking longer, finding a new angle. Trying to look at some other aspect. That happened also to my story. The result really is worth the effort.

The Mistaken Identity story, which is in fact also how I changed my profession after 47 of age, but really "we can use our knowledge and qualities in more then one job descriptions" and "think outside the box" or "we have more in us as we believe", got better. Even shorter, also I think next time I will really try for a bit longer at least ten minutes to make it really rounded.

It was funny and I believe I acted it out well, again. Of course, in the last three years when I delivered it first, I did learn some more and gained more self confidence too, what counts. Rehearsing it in a toastmasters club just a day before the "main event" was also useful.

I still could improve on the end. The story was there, the point not made, only hinted. I hesitate between some who tell "not necessary" and others that you even have to suggest "action".  I would have liked at least to involve the audience in what I found. "We" not "you" or "me".

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