Flavia 2011 / 2014

Three years ago, Flavia Gordon won the Best Speaker of the evening award for the first time, at Lewisham speakers.

She come to visit me so I could take her photo with her award. We put it in the Lewisham speakers blog too.

Last year she went as far as becoming the runner up in our Division Contest, just a few weeks before her father died.

This year, in our International Speech Contest, in our club, she told us a compelling story of how she almost lost her job after that.

"We all fall, but do not stay down."

From our childhood, hurting our knees, she took us to the meeting with the manager : we felt there, with her. She almost lost her job of many years.

And she did not stay down.

Yesterday, she won our club's contest.

We should give awards that can be taken home, at least for the two weeks between meetings – as it can give so much joy!

The contests bring the best of us out and stories in a speech make know better our pals.

For a while she also did not come to our meetings, and now, she is back with us! Flavia is a great example of how much a Toastmasters organisation, club and members can do.

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