Last books I studied

Those are not three books, in fact they are only two. The two books with different title (and I do not approve of that change) by Doug Stevenson, are the same book page by page, word by word published in different intervals.

But I have to admit, the Story Theater Method book (Strategic Storytelling in Business) as subtitle, by Doug Stevenson, has become my third "best book" about Storytelling, my Personal Storytelling now. Doug was actor for 20 years and Coach for more then 15 years helping people speak better and be themselves passing their message stronger and more lasting.

As I had a recent Cataract operation, I could read it only once in 2011 (I am studying it again now, three years later), but already I learned new things for my storytelling from it. It is a book to have and to study, whatever kind of Public Speaking or Storytelling you want to do.

One of the most important things I learned from Stevenson's book is that acting out is important and when acting out comical events, it is useful to exaggerate a bit, augment our movements, while when you act out a sad, tragic event, the movements and even face should be very moderate, restrained.

The third book, I have to study again, explains why the Interactive Workshop is more useful and gives a lot of useful suggestions about how to do it. Still a lot to learn from it!

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