Standup Comedy at Oscar opening ceremony 2014 Ellen DeGeneres

So much to learn from it! Applied Standup Comedy, from the beginning. That is her first joke, a phrase that in itself is not funny gets a huge laughter. "For those who do not know, it has been a tough couple of day here: it has been raining" gets a huge laughter.

But you have to know some to understand it, beginning from the most horrible dry weather in California this year: no rain at all. It is similar when I tell in my standup "But do not call me in the morning: Google me! or "I Photoshoped out" (hair from my face after 50) - because I am old, and to the audience it seems strange if I use any web or computer related activity.

 Listen and listen again to Ellen DeGeneres's very Oscar and actor's applied lines that get so much laughter from the audience. Write down and think about them.

 How important each word and it's place is in it. I also liked a lot how Ellen recognised immediately after one of the jokes, that what she told (at least once) was not true. Still used it before, to make laugh. Let us do like her!

 "She was nominated this year for two Oscars. That is so..... selfish." "and his godmother was Ellen Roosevelt, and he is here tonight ---- what went wrong?" and so on, so on.

 And now I found another video on YouTube with the same title. Other parts of her standup.
I do not understand, she is not dressed the same here.
Some other parts or the jokes look different.

Interesting to compare.

I did write a whole page from her jokes was I observed, liked, enjoyed them, but will now let you discover and enjoy it on your own.

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