Should I admit? I like it!

The article Shannon wrote about my life and activites, is not only in page 12 and 13 of 300 000 + copies,  send to all Toastmasters all over the world, but also now on Facebook page of the International Convention August Washington DC, on Linkedin and Twitter, send by Shannon.
not only in magazine, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, 
but also published in the Toastmasters International page


Could I have dreamed a better interviewer, writer then him?
He really cares! This morning I am... quite happy (that is British understatement)

The photo that he has chosen for online is the one made after my Tallinn Comedy Workshop for Toastmasters who come from the two nordic district to listen to it. Yeah, I am the small one in the middle with at one side the Toastmaster who was the most impressed, touched by it, and fellow TM from Tallinn, workshop leader too.

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  1. Sorry, Shannon is a SHE not a man! We changed a lot of emails but did not see each other. Sorry for the mistake.