Humour is a Serious thing

Convinced, I have not "funny bones", I was stunned to hear so many laughs as I told in 2010 winter, the first time "Mistaken Identity" for paying public, yes, before I told different versions of it all year long in many Toastmaster clubs in London (see below somewhere in this blog). It was a serious matter in middle of recession many had to change careers, profession.

I decided to tell how I changed my profession at age 48.

Yesterday, between 5 possible stories, the members of the Connected Speakers of London in BAML, chose this story. Possible, because I told them it was when the audience laughed a lot and I did not understand why and decided to "learn to make them laugh, when I want".

From 2011 to 2013 I attended to many workshops, many days and hours spend learning the trade.

Humour is a serious matter! Well, I took it seriously, studied its many aspects. Practiced, read, learned. From the three major long workshops I attended as I was becoming 77 to the boot camp in Las Vegas by Darren LaCroix and Judy Carter that I offered myself as consolation gift that my years 70th are behind me. I was there for 3 days, the first day was my 79th birthday, when I mourned that I will be soon 80. I can't continue saying "I am 77". Well, now at 82 I begin to think "why not"?

Darren is convinced "it happened to me" that humor can be learned, As me, he felt at the beginning not having any funny bones but as he was ready to fail, to learn and persist, he become a champ.

Judy the standup goddess and book writer, in her motivational speeches shows how humor can change lives, help healing and conquer hearts. Transform even Mess in Message and convince.

During the workshop we were given 100 pages workbook! Here I share some of the wisdom and techniques we can try out. Of course not all! Borrow a bit from different sources, is not stealing, it is Research.

Technic 1 Reluctant admission

  • Begin with a lie. Ex; "I am 20 years old"
  • Admission, quiet "Well not exactly"
  • Admission quieter "More like four times 20"
  • "Anyway" : "in my heart I still feel young even at 80"

Technic 2 This is Judy's she does it wonderfully

  • Lie boastfully
  • Admit quieter not really true
  • Admit softer the reality
  • Loudly add "Anyway" add punch line

This morning that gave me an idea that begins with "As 20 years old..." admitting only in my feelings but that gave me another idea of at 20, 40, 60 and top with 80 that is also still in works.

Find a topic, mine it, rewrite it till it shines and remember, the punch line and word is at the end.

Darren: "relate to audiences frustrations to connect"

Judy: "At the end of the laughter is the height of listening"

Remember, as it is written in so many books: Comedy is Tragedy plus Time - with attitude

Tomorrow about the power of comparing two unrelated things, notions, etc.

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