"Size is important"

A new page in my life, a new diary too
The photo dates from 2 years ago when I was stuck in bed with broken leg. Just begun my new diary notebook, now filled, the telephone replaced also by a second hand but great iPhone, and the my iPad has problems connecting: I use my Macintosh portable instead. But, the same KINDLE.

In my Standup comedy I introduce my Kindle like this, with true stories! 

I received a message on Facebook "I am willing to become your Toy-Boy"
Toy Boy? I never heard that before. Went fast to Wikipedia.
Anyway, I do not like "boys". I prefer men. As to "toys" : I have them in my drawer.

Near my bed, always at arm length, is my favourite toy. Because SIZE is important.
Well, not always, believe me, but some times.
That toy is my dear Kindle! (I show).
I needed it after my cataract operations when I could not use my eyeglasses. I can read with Huge Size Characters on it!
After 9 month, I did not need any more big size, so... I used Kindle to hide "50 shades of grey", from my grand-children. All three huge volumes and... 50 more books like that.

All near my bed, at arm length. This last phrase I did never add till now. Should I?

Anyway, this example shows how one can use one things that disturbed, angered you turn it comic.
Then make laugh about it and also put in audience head : what you did NOT say...
Then explain what you meant, and even add to it something new to laugh of.

The part about 50 shades of grey worked better when it just appeared and many spoke of it... now it become "old news" so perhaps have to find something else instead.

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