The morning after, by Tia Atan

Thanks Tia Atan, to have taken this photo this morning!

In my online Toastmaster club, Firebirds Collective, we celebrated at the end of the meeting the article in the Toastmaster magazine by showing suddenly it, from Canada all the way to New Zeeland, through Dubai, Germany and London. I have published the screenshot on Facebook.

But this photo really come to me as a surprise! Yes, we meet each other 8 days ago at a Toastmasters Workshop in central London, again. The magazine arrived to London yesterday afternoon.This

 This is the text that goes with it:
"My admirations today go to Julie Kertesz. What an inspirational lady she is! Last Saturday when I met her again, she was so bright and shining with energy like she always does. It made me think about the importance of being positive and inspiring others. It's never too late, we're never too old. Keep on spreading the light and the wisdom, Julie!"

I got some other very nice words, thanks all - this is a special pleasure with her photography and creativity.

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