Keynote in Ayr at Creative Ageing day

23 March 2013 Creative Ageing  day in Ayr

"One door closes (no more young in this case) - other door opens (many in fact)
and we can be creative, playful, experimenting again as we were as children."

After the speech, after the QA, I did go to the Dancing workshop (really out of my comfort zone)
A great long day of different workshops and lots of photos I have also taken that day
Met a lot of interesting people! Spend the whole next day with Rosie, Ayr Storyteller.

And I got a great review from the organiser, of my performance.

As I see and listen to this video now, a month later, my first ever "pro" keynote: there is room for improvement. Together with the Q and A part, it gave a good result and great communication with those attending. For the moment, only two observations. I was very much at ease, no sign of the torment I went through the days before arriving there. And I have to analyse it longer to pick the good parts and, as also in a comedy set, let drop some of the rest.

Thanks a lot for sending it to me! And here is the student who took video of all the event and send me a copy that is small enough so I could upload on YouTube, embed and blog it here.
Last video taking at Creative Ageing day

Jamie Hare, photographed this time by me
He is the "Studio and Technical Operations Co-Ordinator"
At the Ayr Campus KA8 0SR

The video shows only part of the audience as Jamie and his camera was on one side of the room.
The audience was in fact almost all around, about 45 to 55, a growing number arrived in the pause, between the speech and the questions and answers. There are so many great memories of that day, so many contributed to make it great and useful. Thank to Gillian the organiser, it was so full!

And here are the Questions and Answer part, about 12 minutes.

More reaction from audience to be heard, in the first part it is mostly 'seen' by me.

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