Irene filming my "ordinary" life

After filming me at a gig and a storytelling event, and another time at home,
she came again to take some pictures of "everyday" life (but also me, shaving...)

What a beautiful and nice young woman!

Irene is doing it for a film for her Masters at Documentary Video making, at Goldsmith,
but at the same time so serious of doing a good and complete documentary.

She has so much material now, and all filmed with one and other times even two different cameras and angles, combined together later. She asked each time when I performed, another of her colleagues to film with a second camera.

I have seen already one of my gigs, and it for sure looks more professional when the angle and the size changes from time to time.

Soon, after some other interviews, she will begun editing. What a long and serious job! and perhaps I will be able to see how it is done one of the days.

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  1. Marvellous Julie, I hope you get to share the finished article with us :-)