Matt Hill and Dave Pickering at Hackney Attic

Every second Monday of the month, at the Hackney Attic of Hackney Pictorehouse, the Spark London true stories Open Mic event.

We had a good time and so many could tell their 5 minute true stories with the imposed theme, this month it was Awkward. The themes for each month are published well in advance on Spark London's web and Facebook site.

A place worth going back! Will be going from now on, also with our group of storytellers and also Toastmasters Club.

A podium, a good mic and lights to get used to and great audience too. And Matt registers your voice, sends it to you and does publish even some of them if you agree after listening.

It was a great night event if it was yesterday so cold outside. Inside, warm and so welcoming, too. Thanks Dave, great MC and host! Thanks Matt, wonderful sounds and lights and recording.

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