Or: thank You For Arguing

This book is a joy to read, from the first page when the author describes how he won by letting his son win, apparently, the argument.

It was published under another title now, and also updated with more modern reference to Obama's rhetoric too, it shares with me the belief in the great seduction of personal stories.

At the same time, almost underneath (but he always tells us in the sideline what method he used) to the different rhetoric craft techniques.

Got it yesterday, was difficult to put down, definitively will study it quote from it use its 'tricks' which in fact are 3000 years one s mostly but compactly modernised. Used in an argument home or before a huge crowd or a boardroom, they all help to obtain our goals.

I got till he tells the story of shaving in the evening before his wife comes home, to prove the importance of seduction in any argument also. shaving in the evening! You remember, my story about it in my comedy gig? Well, this part seduced me even more.

A book to study and enjoy.

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  1. reading the book with my 13 year old grand son, he tells me 'please lend it to me after you finish' and laughs with joy many times as we read it to each other, the book is full of personal anecdotes and interesting things.

    Personal story can enliven even an otherwise arid subject!