Saturday on sky news

Sky News clip 5 Jan. 2013

Sky news reporter and camera man come to my house for interview. They did show Logan Murray's book on standup comedy, the Silver Comedy 2012 newcomer award, some of what I said, and bits from my performance from David Jones workshop showcase.

No mention of spark, instead they put "by accident" and my profession as chemist - never told it, to them, but citing me shortly from what I did tell about the importance of changing at any age.

2 and half minutes. First someone written a book about the importance of being active at older age, then the retirement minister, then me, performing and using iPad to write gags. Then again finishing gigging.

Today on Sky News.

I am still stunned.

Even very short and even if "all facts" are not 100% in that short time, a lot about me and my last year activity and my belief to stay active.

They wrote about me on the website (not present on air only on web:

Julie Kertesz, 77, took up stand-up comedy a year ago. She says it's something she fell into by accident after realising she could make people laugh.

Originally from Hungary she has lived and worked around the world, mainly as a chemist.

She retired aged 60 but says she continued to pursue her interests in writing and photography.

She then tried public speaking and has now performed her stand-up routine in more than 50 venues across the UK.

She told Sky News: "The young people who listen to me are surprised and they like it, they

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