20 characters from 20 photo walks in Paris (2007)

After 70, in fact, beginning with my 70th year, each year I did something special to prove to myself (a bit to others too) that there is, indeed "life after 70" as say the title of my french blog. In 2007 I made 20 photo walks in for me, usually less known parts of Paris. Streets, stores, people. So much!

Some pictures are known, become favourites of many, other "characters" less, here I put 20 of those less known that deserve to be. A story of my strolls in 20 images.

2007 photo-walks in Paris, after the 20th arrondissements, I went to bridges.
2008 move from Paris to London and discovery of London's diversity and festivals.
2009 Toastmasters club and becoming "Competent Communicator" speaking in public
2010 Storytelling, personal stories to paid audience, 60 then 400. They like!
2011 Standup Comedy Workshops, books, discovery of my funny bones
2012 Standup Comedy gigs, more then 50 along lots of surgeries, fun and pain.

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