Happy new year & TV clip 2' Canal 4

TV 4 interview about Chane of life, on web now, will pass on Chanel 4 Sunday.

You can see the 2' now already on: 

"Julie Kertesz
By starting a new career last year as a stand-up comic when most women of her age are long retired,
 77-year-old Julie Kertesz has completely transformed her outlook on life.

In the last twelve months Julie has performed over 50 gigs, delighting far younger audiences by laughing at how old age affects us all. Julie has now won the Silver Comedy Award for Best Newcomer, firmly believes you are never too old to try something new."

Only on the web yet, and already moved some, even someone young! The best new year present I could have had that he wrote me an email to tell me.  He found a parallel in his own life!

And yesterday, Sky News came to interview me home, probable will air tomorrow. If it inspires gives courage and hope it was all worth it.

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