Laughing Horse Brixton Video, Stand Up Comedy

this is the smaller version of Julie Kertesz's Stand Up Comedy gig I performed at Laughing Horse, Brixton, London end October
begins with "my name is Julie, I am 77 years old"
It was 1st published oct. 2011 - changed date to be on front page
yes, all which appears against you can be utilised as comic material,
Transformed by Vimeo,  the Stand Up at Laughing Horse, by another camera, from nearer.

Lots to learn not only how to do, but what not to do, too. As going out of the light (but audience sees better then the camera did) or putting the prop farther.And here is a link to another standup, just a few days ago... Even if it seems this morning so far:
Yes, almost the same words, but different attitude

I have yet a lot to learn, and the open mic standup comedy is an excellent learning opportunity!