Comedians over 55

Old folks telling jokes
Beautiful ! Even if, most of us do not tell "jokes" but SitCom: situation comedy, persona comedy, more or less from personal experience. In my case more, from some others a bit less.

Tom was a good MC and is also funny on stage and nice behind the scene, but why did they choose a young to present us? For contrast? Pictures of all on my Flickr set.

Sunday, was at Palladium theatre, London Islington, but mid February the contest of Silver Comedy is on again in Leicester. So, I do conserve my title of Silver Comedian Newcomer of the year, till then. Of course, no more competitions for me.

But my ten minutes, with some good new material went well, and was taken by video from two different angles! Also some 'before' and some 'after' moments. Irene is even comming to film me... Shaving!

Pleasance Carpenters Mews North Road London N7 9EF
Date: Sunday 27th January Show Starts 6.00pm
Running Order
Tom Deacon MC
Charmian Hughes
Tom Deacon
Tom Deacon
Julie Kertesz
Tom Deacon
Shelly Bridgeman

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