Who wants to compete? I don't. Yet...

Who wants to compete? I hate heats!.
The Silver Comedy Best Newcomer 2012 Julie Kertesz certificateUnless I win.

Well, that is my next set, or at least that is how it will begin that part of it about how I feel and what I say to others about competitions.

I knew I hate them, I told I do not want them.


Well, through the three years being a Toastmaster, I found that the competitions propels up the level of our speeches, preparations, results. So, in fact, it is worth it.

Personally, not so much to see if one is better then the other, as in my opinion it is often not the best who wins. Well, unless I am the winner, of course. But even then... Best is to compete against yourself: become better then you were before. And, surprisingly, that works. You really do, I do, others do as I have seen it in our clubs, their best, for a competition. Prepare a lot more, deliver better, put more effort in it.

This Saturday, at Lewisham Methodist Church's smaller room, Area 35 Toastmasters Clubs bests will compete against each other.

Richard last movement at ThaatreFirst, International Speech Competition, 5 to 7 minutes each. Well, usually all go to the upper limit, which is seven and half or just a few seconds less.

Then, we have a "mystery speaker" for the same amount of time, and a Feedback (it is called Evaluation) Contest. All give the best feedback they can about the same speech and speaker's delivery.
Toastmaster Jenny

Six clubs from our Area will take part.

Lewisham Speakers, of course, my "home club", Meridian Speakers from Greenwich of which I am also member. Bromley Speakers. Croydon Speakers 2 clubs, and, for the first time, the newly formed Purley Speakers club. So, we will listen, to six speeches plus one. And six feedbacks of the last speaker.

You are all invited. Free for Guests! It begins at 2 30 afternoon, this Saturday. Come to listen to some of our best speakers. I will be host, but all the other roles are from different clubs.

I am so happy, I decided not to compete this time! But in May, I am on to the second round of Beluchi's Heat, in their Camden's Bar.

My set about hating the Heats is geared toward that time.

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