Using uniqueness (all the other places are taken)

Photographer photographedHow I lost my wonderful post I just wrote? Well...

Yesterday, Toastmasters International Speech and Evaluation Contest, at Canary Wharf's Area 31.

I remembered a quote of Ralph Smedlay founder of Toastmasters "we do learn a lot by preparing and delivering a speech, and also by giving instantanous speeches, but we do learn also a lot listening and analysing speeches made by others."

I did learn a lot listening to all the others!

In plus, towards the end of the meeting I was asked also to comment in two minutes on an Oscar Wilde quote "Be unique, all the other places are taken."

I commented on it with personal storytelling and humour.

Lots of laughter from the audience and great complicity and understanding. I related how I was feeling bad and finally succeeded to use my uniqueness to my advantage. I now discovered new material, add hock, and also a future story I can tell.

More frustrations come our way, the more (with the right attitude) we can make laugh the audience. At the same time, also get across our point. I did, yesterday both

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