Way out West

There are many Comedy Clubs in London, so why should I go way out?

Well, this club was in Brentford, only West of London, along the Tames.

Paul Wogan and Jim Kent opened a stand up comedy show, each first Friday of the month. Should I go?

I was invited by Facebook, at least so I thought, so I decided to go so far, taking bus, underground and bus again. The Griffin's Pub, TW8 0NP Brook Road, the bus station is Goat Warf, and I found it was near the river Tames.

First I took some pictures of the river, then at wall art along the way. I did arrive too early. Waited. Met some known and some new comedy pals. Found out that the entry is outside the pub, around the corner.

I was not on the list!

Anyway, I found a warm welcome, and Paul and Jim gave me my five minutes, and even early, as I asked. The place was full, the audience warm and I warmed them up even more. It was for me a very satisfying 25th giggin'. Well worth going "way out west"!

From now on, and with five others in April, I can no more call myself "Virgin" of comedy. I begun really to understand the "ropes" and what makes the audience react and how to move them.

A leaflet, like this one, very professionally printed, convincing on web public and comedians to come, did work! And warm welcome, good programming, helps to bring them back. Another lesson, too.

One never can know, something you go into for a reason, where it can lead!

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