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On Thursday, 12 April 2012, Blogger wrote:
I went back yesterday to Purley, to speak again. Purley Speakers Toastmasters club, finally is ready to be inrporated, and two new joined yesterday, too

Peter Gerlach and his team with Saladdine, Vice president of education in charge of the program's worked with such energy for it.

What a warm atmosphere and high level, too! I learned, was entertained, and for sure, even if Purley is far, will be back, again.

I gave a speech from
Speech by Management Manual, a great one from the series of Advanced Toastmasters. Others, from Speaking to Inform, yet another from Special occasion speech.

After one finishes the first "Basic" manual, called now "Competent Communicator" with the now ten first speeches, the Toastmasters, have many Advanced Manuals to choose from. I opened this blog, just as I finished my CC...

I did "go through" 5 of each of projects from these manuals, so far:
Speciality Speeches
Speak to Informe
Entretaining Speeches
Humour in your speech
interpretative Reading
Speeach by management (now)

All are not egalitarian, some were easy for me, and some I had to think, research a lot, but all taught me some new skills.

As storytelling and stand-up comedy teaches me too, each time again, and again.

Yes, stage time is important, but preparing, creating different types of speech and delivering them, then pondering on them, learning in the process, is too.

I am very happy, comming to London, I found again Toastmasters! And yesterday, at the serious club meeting, I got new ideas for my comming gigs!

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