Julie and the other storytellers

The Guardian proposed to put on our stories, "Changing life after 60".

In fact, that was before the Christmas Bank Holiday. Then they decided to postpone it and it was due to come out for Eastern. Now again: "the next Bank Holiday".

So what?

One more story, true tale or not, of course, it would have been true, is not important. Alas, I have told a group of people, the journal will publish something about me.

So, this is a lesson!

Never tell before the event happened, tell it after only.

Here I was, between Storytellers, at my "pro" speaking event, in Manchester Town hall. Full of people, around tables, this taught me, that more people gives more energy!

One of others, is teli presenter, the other goes from storytelling event to other in New York, yet another teaching moving for acting at Opera. I was between them the "newest" storyteller. And my story was the most talked about, it seems, after the event.

Yes, I was paid for the day, but the most important was the sentiment of being welcomed so well by all those attending. And even more that I can do it:!

Click on the blue, to see telling the story "I was ten" in Manchester. How all that came up today? Someone did favorit one of my pictures of the Manchester set, this morning.

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