Skills we have to learn

Speaking is a skill, but listening is too!

Our guest, spoke with courage and witt, and did not stop until his time was at end, he found what to add about the subject he was asked to discuss.

On the other hand, our Katy listened with lots of attention concentrated of the speaker of the moment.

No one who spoke, could feel he or she was not listened to with attention.

Katy, really listening

Learning to speak better in public, to listen, to think better, and thus also gaining confidence, is our goal. We do it all together in the clubs of Toastmasters.

Yesterday's demonstration in the Public Library was a success and a good example of what we can do the best. Our pleasure was also to find new future Guests who spoke so well and were so genuinly interested in what we did.

One of them came to the library with two children and stayed, listenend, then she even spoke - with one of her daughters in her arms. For me it was a stunning moment, as was when she answered the Topic "each cloud has a silver lining". So personal, so touching and so profound.
Table Topics in Lewisham Library_0030

Expressing herself, let her have the occasion to do so, was wanderful to listen and in itself would have been worth all the effort by all of us.

Also we had a teenager girl listening with rapt attention. She did not speak and the elderly 88 year old lady we had there did not either, but they were really interested, too.
Table Topics in Lewisham Library_0044

Going out in the public, what a wonderful idea!

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