At Westminster: a final of young futur orators.

What a wonderful demonstration!

I did not know at all, what to expect, as I went to the Westminster building, a relatively new one in face of the old. First, going through the gate, as if we were going to fly, but in plus with armed guards.

Once inside, quiet elegance. Waiting. As usual, I was in advance.

It was a waiting very worth while! A did learn a lot.

What to do and how, and what not to do.

It was a discussion in the style of Parliament: a proposal and a refutation of it, between to teams of two young students, each already having won three other place.

The theme they chosen was the "Big Society" only PR trick or real. Also, there were interesting arguments on both sides, the "how" they did is was more important.

Great Orator-5 The winner team The winning team
The winning team
This is the winner team. They had won showing more confidence, and also, speaking less rushed, with more poise.

From one of the young orators, I did not take his photo, I learned that one has never to put too many arguments, too long discourse and then rush faster and faster in order to finish it.

At the end, almost no one was able to follow. He inundated us with figures and words. Speaking faster and faster.

A great example for me: to say less is more!

Not so easy to say when I have so much to tell! I know by my own experience.

But as audience, I have now experienced it.

What I learned from the other team, how important to show confidence from the beginning, already while you listen to the others arguments. Already, what your body-language tell, as you listen, is of great importance.

And even when you speak, do it slowly and with confidence.

Yes, less is more. End finish with pause and slowly but strong and clear.

Great Orator- Chief Judge
From London's older debating society
The "jury" deciding which team wins, was made up of different clubs of orators from London, very experienced in debating. "I could not underline enough the importance of the pause!" Added to it, the confidence. And let the audience absorb what you say. He also liked the humour in the argumentations.

"One can never be too clear!" he said with humour.

At the end, we had the great pleasure to listen to a deputy, MP, and, I think, member of the recent government, whose name I did not catch. But what a great example of all one should do. And a great presence and charm, too.

Not only he spoke shortly, also it seemed probably short only because he was so interesting, but he then, answered with great mastery to all the very divers questions paused by the audience.

This time, the most wonderful example of how one should do it.

"It is always worth discussing, some possibilities of compromise emerge at the end, slowly a solution rises."

Great Orator-6  Before offering the prize
MP Preparing to offer the prize.
Yes, he demonstrated the importance of pause and clarity, besides answering so well to any question, but more importantly to me, his answers contained personal stories! Examples through which we lived what he has lived and that made the following arguments so much more convincing!

Political storytelling!

I knew how important to tell stories was in different occasions, but he demonstrated how huge help can be also in politics. Also, through them, he became more and more sympathetic to us, to me at least.

What a great evening and great lessons!

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