Be a great stand-up & learn some tricks of the trade

Be a great stand-up, by Logan Murrat, a great book!

Stand up comedy tricks of trade are not only for those wanting to "do the gigs" stand up and make laugh a special audience, X times in a minute! The book explains how to add unexpected end or afterthoughts, how to develop your humorous "muscle".

Gives a lot of theory but also exercises to do.

How to "turn" in humour, make surprising but prepared endings.

Logan also leads a Stand up and deliver, course, in London and divers other places.

Peter laughingI have decided to learn some "tricks of the comic trade" going out of my comfort zone, after having, by chance made people laugh at what I was saying, and wanting to learn how to prepare it consciously, too.

At my great surprise, I learned then, that other Toastmasters have already done it!

I do recommend the book, already helping me to get ideas, the rest to be seen with time and stories I tell, and the course, I'll see, how it goes in May. At least, "I tried", I'll be able to tell then.

Logan sais that modern comedians do not tell jokes, known jokes, but build their own comic material. They have something to say and an attitude towards it. They take a subject and add an afterthought. Tha afterthought does continue the thought in an unexpected direction. Sometimes, it even could be just a look! But it does surprise.

Saying without the "social controller" not contradicting but continuing the thought from the begining, with an assured stage presence. Learn to look to a subject from many angles. Be short and specific. All those skills important in many different kind of speeches.
Dorking pub birthday party-1
He was celebrating his  70th birthday with his family, I told him, he is too young for me! :
And write down what you want to say, as if you speak.Or, I would say, say it first, then fast, write it down.

I think that applies to all kind of storytelling! Remain "oral" To remain oral, until now, I wrote less and less down, told. First in myself, then recorded it. Listened to it. Re recorded it. Eventually, towards the end I write it down only.

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