On the importance of personal storytelling

Speech delivered at Man speakers club Tuesday evening;fFollowed by a discussion then evaluation of my speech by Chris and few words to close, by me.

I edited it all with the Audacity software, so great and flexible. 
Adding together the three pieces, eliminating the noise, amplifying the questions of the audience from afar, and so on. Audacity is a great software and free. Then I export the result in 'mpeg' format and upload it to my Box.net account from where I can embed it here. 

Other times, I make a slide-show with pictures and add the voice to it so I can upload it to a video website like YouTube or Dailymotion, before adding to a blog.

I did feel that I made a 'soft sell' - not 'hard sell' to insist on an imediate sell.

Most present, wrote me after, that they were convinced by it and liked what I told.  Some asked me the title of the book about which I spoke, to learn from it. Finaly, I felt that I will have the seminar / workshop I would like to organize about the subject of Personal Storytelling - and perhaps more then one.

When one sell, I feel it is important to let the 'client' decide and want it.

Could I have done better?


Firstly, at the begining it was not a true story, I could have added more conflict and my father's tale instead of me, selling more storytelling then myself, also that was a good example of how one should do most time in busness environment.

Second, I could have insisted more at the end of proposing a Workshop clear and net. I did, but only in private, so Chris, my evaluator was right with his suggestion. What a nice and warm 'evaluation' !

I am only sorry it is only a soundtrack and not a video taken of the event. Perhaps, at the Workshop I will organize in a few month, there or in other places, we will be able to take a video of the event.

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