School of Comedy

Delivering humour is not so easy.

What is in our mind and what we do deliver, sometimes is miles away!

But we can learn, slowly, any of us to be a bit better.

Why do we want to learn to deliver better and more consistently humour? Think about it!

All of us does not want to become Stand up comedians, but we all can enliven our communication with humour in it, specific depending of our audience.

We have to learn about Attitude, Persona, Mood, but even more, to let go our Social Critic that tells us "not to tell that or that". At least, when we search for material. And try to be auto critic laugh of ourself, and not be accusing others or, tell silly jokes that repose on nothing.

Heard yesterday, delivered by the presenter in the Bafta, as he introduced a charismatic next speeker:
"He has so much charm that even the women after menopause want to reverse it".

What did he mean by that?

Why should women after 50 want to reverse their menopause? To make a kid with that man?

One can desire and make love, long long... long time after! Well, without producing a kid. But what one has to do with the other? Remember a French King, young king, neglecting his young wife for an after 60 years old mistress?! And he is not the only example...

The only disadvantage, we have after menopause, if one really have to speak about it, is that we loose one of the main advantages of women: before 50 years old, we do not have to shave like men do.

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