Under the lights

The true test, for me, was not the Humorous Contest, which I won in the Club and lost in the Area, or the Competent Communicator  ten speeches I finished from March till end November, last year. The true test was: could I create and tell a personal story in a Theatre, before a paying public, under the projectors?

This month the Spark London features my story in a pod-cast on their website. This morning I listened to it, again, it does sound well with a live audience reacting to it!

Of course, you cannot see me moving, but the listening already and the audience reaction gives clues and the mood. They liked it, non-withstanding my hesitations, "my English" and so on. Somehow, my story got through to them, which is the most important, and they went away with the impression of "never too late" that I intended to convey.

I told my tale without paper and standing, walking, going farther then nearer the public, but some of the storytellers sit down and read their tales. You can see one, excellent example of this on Spark youtube.

Personal stories "touch" us and opens us up, to those telling and even to ourselves.

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