The impossible dream

"The impossible dream" lyrics from the Man of la mancha

It was a Toastmaster speech, about the director of Avatar and how he had to fight for the movie to be made, to stand his ground against all the odds, persist, that made me remember of this great lyrics.

Of course, the great melody, helps too.

I also translated it in French, was it about 20 or 10 years ago, when I first had seen it played in theatre and then read the words of this song.

Great communication, is great communication, and I do believe that this gives courage to dare, so it is - it was at a time I needed it very much - inspiring.

It did inspire me to dare, and not to listen to those telling me "impossible" now and again. Showing, it can be done.

Oh, not everything I wished for come to me as I wished it, I did loose some of my battles, had hopes crushed, but still, continued my quests.

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