Speak to me of love

Yesterday table topics in Greenwich Toastmaster Club were "Valentine" and how would we spend it, how to express love to the other.

How we would like to been shown.

I did volunteer to speak but as I did already had a role, finally, I was not called. Oh, well.

I did not have perhaps much to say.

But at the end of the meeting, we did a "reverse" warm-up, "wind-down" the president called it, telling of our best memory, or the memory we would to have repeated.

Mine was "walk holding hands" and "kissing in the forest" that got smiles. In my mind, I stayed still with the last subject of Valentine day, at which I could not speak.

In it, others spoke of "I do not do Valentine" (could be almost me), and "I'd go far away in a seven star hotel with her" - does it exist seven stars? is it not better a small cottage with no one around?, or they told of bad experiences in crowded or too quiet restaurants.

I did not here one, telling of a romantic walk, not true! one young man did go to Thames walk that evening in his imagined story! We all liked that idea, and it did not cost him a penny!

A young woman, confessed, she would like a proposal. No more, no less. "but I'll not have it!, not yet, not now".

That all made me think of walk together, holding hands, smiling at each other. At the love in the forest, not the best place, but quiet and unexpected, at what I was - already 56 years old! The idea of it, was the most romantic, that he thought about it, desired it, of course, not so much as the kisses we shared.

But the feeling "I am not too old, after all!"

This morning, I found by chance the song "Speak to me of love" in French original "Parez-moi d'amour", this version is from 1930!

Lucienne Boyer: parlez-moi d'amour

Is a song "communication"? of course it is! it does communicate so well feelings (even thoughts) and it can be so persuasive too!

Parlez-moi d' amour
Redites-moi des choses tendres
Votre beau discours
Mon cœur n' est pas las de l' entendre

Speak to me of love,
Tell me tender things
Your kind speech
My heart is never weary to hear

Vous savez bien qu'au fond je n'y crois rien, pourtant...
mais malgré moi je veux y croire

You know well that in fact I do not believe, and yet...
Despite myself I want to believe in it

One can learn a lot from the songs and singers, too!

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