How you communicate a trip?

A picture, a slide show, a story, many stories?

Here is one way, the slide-show of yesterday's pictures of my trip to Brighton.
It took me an hour to arrive at Victoria Station, one hour from there to Brighton. In ten minutes from the station, we were at the seaside.

A wonderful weather awaited us, not much wind and sun!

Lots to see on the seaside. The constant play of the waves and children daring to go near them and then run away with each new wave. The wall art, I enjoyed and a red cap I bought to myself: too warm. The old and new, enjoying the walk near the sea side, and the Brighton peer with its stripped chaise longues.

An awful lunch of fish and chips, to fast done for too many people in the nice restaurant we found ourselves, but in very good company. Me, loosing all the others while absorbed in taking photo and then, my solitary walk. Discovery of an interesting small quiet street and houses with huge walls, Brighton's great and very intriguing art Museum, and then, after I could make no more photos and barely walk, its Gardner street and flea market a bit farther.

I could tell a story, about so many of the images I have taken, more of what I thought then what I was told, more what I felt then what I experienced. The slide shows, different ones, that can me made from them, tell again something else.

For me, there is one main message: even in the winter, the seaside is wonderful. Get out! Discover. Enjoy.

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