So much to say about Rhetoric!

It's power was known already more then 2000 years ago! And it can be found in political discourse, in lawyer's speeches, at Toastmasters, but even in Romance Novels.

Here is an example I found recently. Try to say it, read it aloud, listen to its rhythm, repetitions. Short and long phrases. How effective they are and how they complement each other.

From the book, Ritual of proof, by Dara Joy, 2001
Relationships of men and women from another planet where women hold all the power, so funny yet so much wisdom too in it, an inverted Regency like love novel. This powerful rhetoric is at this end of the novel.

Green Tamryn moved with controlled precision.
Inner strength guided the secret sequence of her forms, creating a heroic abstraction across paving stone. The hushed movements in low predawn light mimicked the rustle of wind as everyone in the house lay sleeping.
This was the best time, this quiet time. 
It was her time to renew vision. 
It was her time to clear the mind.
It was the best time for reassessments.
With a deadly snap, the dual meteor-blade echoed through the trees. Expertly slung, their fatal trajectories gathered speed and momentum in the classic stance of Gle Kiang-ten. Corded ropes arced and spun out.  Like lovers, they moved together as the first rays of day crested the horizon.
The perimeter rustled, sighing to the same pulse-beat. Flora quivered with expectation as dawn approached, heralding the majesty of simply being alive.
Forum morningsong.  Sung with the perfect symmetry of the Golden Master.
She was the shadow.
She was the weapon.
She was the wind that could change.
Over and over the rite went, building into a dance of mortal beauty. Swaying. Dipping. Twirling. Leaping. The expertise had never been simple in the execution of the forms, but in the form of the execution.
She was not connected to Forus, but to a parallel wisdom, springing from its source.
Her hidden dance was in the knowledge of when to step and when to pause.
When to fight and when to wait.
And when to let others finish the round, for the good of the entire event.
All had turned out as she had hoped.
The threat was gone. Passion had been revealed. Pride was restored. A new life had come to bring joy. And, unexpectedly, an ancient love had finally revealed itself to all of its children.
Still, there was another out there, not yet revealed…
And Arkeus was about to rise.
So Green prepared to listen to this coming aurora, no matter its sound. For she was a woman first, with a heart of fire and the wisdom to know that the dance we follow is ever our true ritual of proof.
And it can never be held in the court of any land. Just in the court of our higher selves.
by this end, we realize, she was a Master fighter and could have won the fight herself, instead, as we have seen in the last chapter, she let him do it for her, thus, restoring his pride.Fun, learning and love story can be imagined and written, and also knowledge of rhetoric.

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