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Matt Weinstein: What Bernie Madoff couldn't steal from me | Video on TED.com

One of the resurces I use to learn to speak better, is TED.COM, on the web,
Not only you can choose, listen, look, read the transcripts of the talks,
but also download the one you like best on your computer or your blog.

There are some great speakers and examples, a lot to learn!

In this one, by Matt Weinstein on the Financial crisis and our reaction to it,
he does cite epictetus, who wrote this more then 2000 year ago:

"people are not disturbed by things but by how people react to them"
and also:

"we cannot choose our external circomstances but we can choose how we react to them"

No, we did not invent all today! or last year, or with Toastmasters, either, or the web,
we can learn a lot from old masters, thinkers, speakers!

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