Lewisham Speakers Club

Lewisham Speakers Club, originally uploaded by Julie70.

This way, but there are many ways to find a Club.

It was about a year ago that I found my way back tho this one, after a 30 years absence. And then, in August, visiting my daughter who still lives not far from where I went the first time to a club, I discovered the Monument Toastmasters again, and gave there my 6th speech.

It was supposed to be the "Voice variety" speech, but apparently it was better in body movement and content, then voice. Howewer, I gained the "best speaker of the night" ribbon and people loved the message my speech conveyed: "there is yet another chance in life."

It is in the second speech that we learn to make stronger beginings ends and think about transitions and the third one to make an important point each time, but perhaps that was the one where my point seemed most important.

In my third speech, "there is life afer 70" was well received and in some others the importance of pause, to wich I'll come back later, or of the storytelling, in the 9th, but perhaps "there is always yet another chance" is a more broad message that we all need to keep in mind.

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