My first coaching

I still have to go far away to learn to do it well, but as it is said, to go up the mountain, you have to make your first step.

Then, go farther, higher, step by step.

One step at a time.

I made the first step. How to do it, how to help without hurting? It is not easy, indeed. The tact thing was not my strength, besides often I do and speak to fast.

This night, I woke up, a few times, thinking of the heartbreaking beautiful story I heard, I listened, twice, this Friday. And understood it better. Should I tell, should I write, how much one has to tell and how much not?

But one thing is clear, even if he is only at number two speech, he is and will be a lot better speaker then me. What a joy!

I add to it after a few weeks, as I listened to Richard telling his tale: it was excellent! What a tallented speaker and storyteller! I could almost not believe, he was trembling to stand up, just a fex month ago! he went now far and beyond the speak project, showing lots of talent. And also, listened to my advices and incorporated them in his telling.

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